UK Web Hosting with CPanel and Fantastico

With Linux web hosting, we can offer you ultra fast servers with an uptime normally better than 99.5% per month. The very small 0.5% downtime we do get is attributable to security upgrades in the small hours of the morning.

Many internet companies in Birmingham, Midlands, and UK charge extra for the following web hosting features contained in all our hosting packages;

:: CPanel Control Panel :: Webmail 
:: Fantastico deluxe :: Sub Domains
:: Unlimited FTP Access :: Access to log files
:: FREE Statistics :: Perl v 5.6 and CGI scripts
:: PHP 4 and 5 :: Front Page Extensions

You will need to register a domain name with us or transfer a domain name to us before using our web hosting services. Our hosting packages are listed on this web page.

Server Specification

We manage all our own servers 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Our Technical Support staff are fully trained on all our equipment.

Ensuring your web site is available and online is our top priority, with this in mind we use RAID disk mirroring on our servers using hardware RAID controllers for optimum performance. In the event of a hard drive failure no data is lost and your site remains online, this prevents hours of potential downtime.

Network and data Centre

Our servers are housed in our private racks within the London Hosting Centre (LHC), UK. LHC features world class resilient infrastructure, including multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection and environmental controls.

Our network is fully redundant and has been built using the latest Juniper routing hardware along with Cisco and HP switching equipment. Utilising VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) on our routers and rSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) on our switches, which along with duplicating all core infrastructure provides hitless failover in case of a hardware failure to ensure world-class uptimes.

Data Centre features

:: Location Docklands, London. England, UK.
:: Building structure 9 Storey steel and concrete fabricated building with Granite and glass facade.
:: Facility size 10,606m²
:: Usable data space Multiple areas/rooms: Approx 4,945m²
:: Floor to ceiling clearance 270cm
:: Maximum floor load 500kg/m²
:: Minimum raised floor void 30cm

:: Power supply 9 Megawatts
:: Power distribution 230v/415v from UPS output panels to local distribution panels, to final ciruits.
:: UPS system All power protected by multiple redundant static UPS and generator combinations
:: Fuel supply for generators 24,200 litres on-site (15 hours operation at full building load). Service level Agreement with local fule supplier

Environmental Control
:: Air conditioning Data room temperature and humidity controlled by 20KW air handlers on redundant chilled water loops.
:: Chilled water generation Central plant with 4 x 1.25 NW screw chiller units (N+1 redundant).

Fire Protection
:: Fire detection system Fully addressable In-house zoned fire alarm system
:: Fire suppression system FM200 gas automatic fire suppression system to technical areas, sprinkler system to communal areas.

Building Management Systems
:: Building monitoring Central computerised monitoring systems
:: Alarm management All alarms monitored 24x7x365

Physical Security
:: Security systems - Patrolling security guards
- CCTV cameras throughout the site
- Zoned access control via key-card
- Intrusion detection

Web Hosting Packages

Our range of hosting packages are as follows:

We can also tailor build a package to suit your needs, contact us for further information.

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